Long Island New York:North Shore and South Shore

Here are some interesting facts about Long Island New York!

The East End…You may have heard people talk about “the east end of Long Island” or how they went “out east.” Anything around Riverhead or east of it is considered the east end of Long Island. It consists of the north fork and the south fork also known the twin forks.

The North Fork…The Long Island vineyards are mostly here, as well as a large number of farms and orchards. There is wine tasting, pumpkin picking, shopping and Christmas tree cutting.
The South Fork…This is the Hamptons, Montauk Point, and Long Island’s Pine Barrens. Here you will find endless shops, cafés, picturesque villages, and maybe even celebrity sightings!

 You can travel easily between the forks by way of the Shelter Island ferry in Greenport on the North Fork, or Sag Harbor on the South Fork, and you board with your car.

The North Shore…Rocky beaches and tall bluffs, the North Shore of Long Island faces Connecticut by the Long Island Sound. Wealthy business magnates built their mansions on the north shore, and the north shore still attracts long Island’s wealthiest families and is also known as the Gold Coast. In Suffolk County, take a day trip to Port Jefferson and watch the ferry to Connecticut, the array of shops, restaurants and people watching.

The South Shore…This is where you’ll find some of the best beaches on Long Island.  Jones Beach, Robert Moses State Park Beach, and Fire Island are the major beaches on the South Shore.  Freeport’s Nautical Mile on the South Shore is a great place for shopping, food and fun.

Although the word shore may imply coastal, The North Shore of Long Island and The South Shore refer to the areas North or South of The Long Island Expressway.  One thing you might notice about Long Island is that it doesn’t really look like an Island.  Long Island is huge. It’s 110 miles long and approximately 20 miles wide. It’s the largest Island on the East Coast of the United States. There are  parkways, expressways, highways, and miles and miles of  paved roads.  You won’t even see water unless you’re near the coastlines.

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