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Nissequogue Long Island is an Incorporated Village on The North Shore of Long Island, in the Town of Smithtown New York.  It is situated within The Smithtown School District #1. The Smithtown School District has 9 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools and 2 High Schools.  For more information on this School District,  the general information number is 631-382-2000.

Nissequogue is a Suffolk County North Shore address, situated North of Smithtown, the Town of St. James and the Village Head of Harbor. There are town beaches, Nissequogue Golf Course, and The David Weld Sanctuary. Many different style homes abound Nissequogue Long Island including colonials, contemporary, ranch, farm ranch, capes, traditional, post modern, horse farms and estates.

Nissequogue Long Island Realtors are LARRY AND SHEILA, who can sell you a residence in this beautiful neighborhood, nestled among winding narrow wooded roads, specimen trees and horse farms.  According to public records and the multiple listing service,  recent home sales in Nissequogue from April 1 2010 through April 1 2011 were $560,000 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath Farm Ranch, to $1,650,000 for a 4 bedroom 3 bath Colonial. There were a total of 17 homes sold during this period. Call for current pricing.

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