What Is A Mother/Daughter Home in Suffolk County New York?


A Mother/Daughter on Long Island is a single family house, usually with two kitchens, (you need permits for the extra kitchen) arranged as separate living areas but connected under the same roof. Most building codes specify that a single dwelling unit cannot be occupied by unrelated persons, but a Mother/Daughter is really a single family home that happens to have a separate living area.



Usually, but not always, a Mother/Daughter has one electric meter servicing the entire house, whereas a 2 family house has separate heating and air conditioning meters. Sometimes we see ads that read “Room For Mom”, “Extended Family” or “In-Law Suite”, but it usually means the same thing…Mother/Daughter. These are family members living together under one roof with separate living spaces.


A Mother/Daughter set-up can also be great if you have family moving back home and they can have their “own” space. How about a Teen Suite, Nanny Space, Home Office, or just for the occasional guest?


Some families see living together as a solution for the high cost of housing. In other cases, there may be a need to care for one of the family elders. 


Whatever the reason, whatever you call it…Keeping the family together is a growing trend.


So, what do you call a Mother/Daughter in your area?


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