Long Island Home Buyer What Type Of Home Are You Looking For?

Buyers, What Type Of Home Are You Looking For on The North Shore of Long Island?


New or old, or somewhere in-between?


Here on The North Shore of Long Island we have a variety of older and newer homes that were built, as well as the existing middle-ground homes.


The Older Home ~


For certain buyers, their preference seems to be in Older Homes. We are finding that some young couples now have an interest in them. They like the charm and character of an older home.

Unlike a basic Ranch or Split Level house that they may have grown up in, they like the difference that no two older homes are completely alike. The problem though with an older home can be the lack of conveniences that Americans have come to expect. The size of the rooms may be smaller. The number of bedrooms is usually less, and sometimes the closet space may be very limited with no storage at all.

Many older homes do not have a garage and if they do it’s usually only a one car garage. And there’s also the wiring, electric and plumbing that may need lots of repair and updating.


The Newer Home ~


There are also those who only want New.  We are noticing that Baby Boomers are now striving for Newer homes. They’ve lived in their family houses for years and maybe updated it here and there, but now have no desire to Redo again.

They want new modern conveniences like open kitchens with large center island, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and maybe even a wine cooler. They want central air conditioning and central vacuum systems. Although they may not want or need a larger residence, they do like the new energy efficient details in the newer homes. And, they really like the fact that no one has ever lived in the house or condo before.

The drawbacks are the lack of mature landscaping, the smaller size lot, and that many homes look the same as the neighbors. Also, because they are new, taxes may be higher and there’s no history as to how these newer homes will increase in value.


Existing Middle-Ground Homes ~


Buyers also like established traditional neighborhood homes like a Colonial, Split Level, Ranch or Contemporary style house. They like the familiarity of these homes. Maybe they grew up in one of the same and feel comfortable in this style. Maybe they like the ease around a Ranch style, the openness of a Contemporary or the Tri-levels of a Split.

The disadvantage may mean that these existing homes may need some updating. The kitchens and bathrooms especially are the first to be renovated, and the old outdated carpeting and wallpaper has to be removed. 


Each choice has its advantages, and there’s no right answer that works for everyone here on Long Island’s North Shore.


So Long Islander’s, what type of home is right for you? The Choice Is Yours!


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