Long Island Home Seller Has Questions

When Potential Long Island Sellers Call, Here are some questions they Want To Know the answers to…

1. I Want To Know if you list homes for sale in Suffolk County NY?…Yes, and Nassau County too.


2. I Want To Know if you can sell our ..Nassau County home and help us buy a Suffolk County condo?…Yes, we are frequently working with selling our clients homes and helping them find the right condo.


3. I Want To Know if you will list our home on MLS?…Yes, and that’s just the start. We also list every home and condo on our own popular websites, our blogging platforms, and over 100 syndicated sites.


4. I Want To Know if you have your own website?…Yes, we have several.


5. I Want To Know if you can tell us what we have to do before selling?… Yes, Larry and I will go over everything that you may need to do before we take your listing.


6. I Want To Know if we should use a different REALTOR®  to sell us a condo?…Why would you want to?  Larry and I are familiar with all the Long Island condos, whether they are All-Age or 55+ communities.


7. I Want To Know what you will do to get my home sold fast?…Larry and I will both meet with you in person and go over all our marketing skills and the photos that will be published.


8. I Want To Know if you can be sure you will list at the right price?...We know your area very well, and we will provide you with a Comparative Marketing Analysis that will, in detail, show you all the homes that were sold in your area, what homes are currently on the market, and how long they have been listed for sale.


9. I Want To Know if we will be the only clients you will work with?…Sorry, but we will be working with other buyers and sellers, but we promise you that you and your home will get our full attention, and we will be there for you throughout the entire transaction, negotiating the best price on your behalf.


10. I Want To Know if you can see our home this week?…Yes, let’s schedule an appointment and get to know you and your house!


If you want to know the current value of your Long Island North Shore home or condo, please contact us at our Cell: 631-805-4400


Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila Agranoff


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