Long Islander’s Selling Your Home In The Cold

Are you now focused on the Winter Long Island Real Estate market and wondering if it’s the right time for you to sell?


There are multiple answers to this question on the internet why listing and selling in the Winter is a smart idea, but our 2 most valuable reasons are:


Serious Buyers

Less Competition


First and foremost buyers who search during these months usually are more serious buyers. They are ready to hit the road in the worst of weather because they need to buy.


Second, there are usually much fewer properties listed this time of the year. With fewer homes on the market, buyers will look at yours and not the competition if there isn’t too many to look at.


Pricing a home right is important no matter the season. Aggressive Real Estate pricing is important when you list your home for sale, especially during the cooler months. The better the deal for the buyer, the faster you will sell.


Bottom Line: Regardless of the season you choose to sell a home, the fact is that Long Island homes sell all year long!


When the time is right for your home or condo to be “SOLD IN THE COLD”, the right REALTORS® to work with is Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff.


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