Waterfront And Water View…What’s The Difference On Long Island?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a home advertised as being a Waterfront property and one that is listed as a Water View?water tree
Waterfront are homes that have direct frontage to the water. However, you many not have access to the water if the house sits high on a bluff with no steps down to the water, or it may be too short to accommodate a dock for your boat, but is still considered Waterfront.  
Water View means you can see the water. It be may be on the other side of the street, but you somehow have a view of the water with no direct frontage to it. There are full Water Views, and some Realtor’s list a home that they interpret as “Winter Water Views”. This means that during the warmer weather when trees and plantings are in full bloom, you cannot see the water. However, when all the leaves are gone, there is probably some space to view the water.
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