Have You Heard About Real Estate In Nissequogue Long Island

Are you looking for North Shore Luxury on Long Island?

Are you looking to be near the water?

Are you looking for wooded acreage?

Are you looking for a neighborhood surrounded by natural beauty?

The Village of Nissequogue Long Island may be just what you’re looking for!

Nissequogue Long Island 11780, Pronounced Niss-a-kwog, is a cozy village address on The North Shore of Long Island in Suffolk County NY. Situated North of Smithtown, St. James and the Village of Head of Harbor, Nissequogue has a total of 4 square miles. To the West is The Nissequogue River and to the North is The Long Island Sound.

It is home to lovely lavish properties including some with panoramic Water Views of the Long Island Sound. There are also zoned horse properties​, ​and elegant estates. Nissequogue is within The Town of Smithtown New York, and is served by the Smithtown School District #1.

What Types Of Homes Can I Find In Nissequogue?

There are many architectural home styles in Nissequogue Long Island including Colonials, Contemporary, Ranch, Farm Ranch, Capes, Traditional, Post Modern, Victorian and Estates. This Village is entirely residential without any industrial or commercial use permitted except agricultural, horticultural or special uses with permits regulated by the Village.


Let’s take a look at the recent home sales in Nissequogue. According to public records of the multiple listing services, so far as of this date (August 2014) homes in Nissequogue NY sold between $450,000 which was listed as needing TLC, to over $1,210,000 for a 5 bedroom 3.55 Post Modern home. There were only 7 homes sold thus far, with an average sales price of $861,000. The average yearly taxes was $19,000 and the average days on the market were 87.

These statistics are reflected sales from public records of the multiple listing services and do not include for sale by owner, non-published, non-member, or private sales, or what might be current market values.

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Within the Village borders, there is Delafield Woods, Butler Huntington Woods and the David Weld Nature Conservancy. There are town beaches, and the Nissequogue Golf Country Club. Along the Nissequogue River, there is Short Beach and Long Beach. Many unique marshlands are here that are home to many species of birds. These include herons, egrets, ducks, ospreys, Canadian geese, owls and red-tail hawks. Animals such as the red fox, raccoon, opossum, deer and many squirrels are common sightings.

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