Long Island Home Selling In The Summer

Summertime home sales is the perfect time to have your home stand out among the crowd. Here are some home selling tips for summer listings…


Make Sure Your Curb Appeal Is Summer Ready


Summer is the time of year to show-off your home exterior. You want potential buyers to smile as they pull up to your house. Keep the lawn lush,  flowers blooming and yard well-maintained. By adding some potted plants and cleaning your flower beds, buyers will see how attractive your home is from the outside, and will look forward to seeing the inside.

Backyards Are Important Too


Keeping the yard in the back as nice as your front curb appeal will keep the interest of your home in a buyers mind.  Outdoor space is important.  They will be thinking about the memories of summertime fun they will be making when it belongs to them.

You Want The Inside As Nice As The Outside Too


Summertime home buyers want to see an uncluttered space. Keep the smiles going as they tour the inside of your home as they imagine their own furnishings in it. Don’t distract them with lots of your stuff all over. Less “stuff” is better.  Neutralize your home by decluttering and removing personal items, and let the sun shine in with all window treatments open so it’s a light and bright inside.

Take Care of Those Small Repairs


Buyers are going to notice those ripped screens, hanging door knobs, stains on carpet,  dripping faucets.  Fix them before you list your house so buyers don’t start wondering what else has been neglected that they can’t see.  They are going to notice these minor repairs, so get them fixed at the onset.

Keep It Cool


If you have central air conditioning or window units, keep them on during summertime showings. If you have ceiling fans, it would a nice idea to turn them on too. Buyers will spend more time looking rather than missing an opportunity to see your whole house because it’s too hot inside. With the hotter days of summer, home buyers will be looking closely at your landscaping, air conditioning, and outdoor summertime fun.

On Long Island Call Lawrence and Sheila Agranoff

We will help you with the sale of your Long Island residence Summertime is a great time to list your house or condo.  If you are looking to add your property for sale to our listings this summer, contact Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila Agranoff to discuss our marketing strategy that will be the right fit for you and your property. So enjoy your summer, and let us handle the sale of your Long Island home or condo!

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